Although, planning one’s own service for when he/she has passed on is not a task that many wish to consider, pre planning does have a few benefits that will help those you care about grieve while we carry out your wishes.

  1. You will find comfort knowing that your services will be done to your wishes.
  1. You will know that your family will have time together and not have to focus on the decisions of the arrangements.
  1. You will leave a plan for your family to follow, when you pass on that is clear and concise.

Pre Planning is designed for the ones you leave behind; it is a way to lift the burden of making decisions from the ones you care about. During the pre planning you will make all or as many of the decisions you wish. You will record with the funeral director all pertinent information for example place of birth, education, hobbies, and etc. You may also choose to be buried or cremated and what type of container you would like to have. All of this saves time for your family and makes the grieving process just a little less trying for the ones you care about.

Pre- Paying

Pre-paying for funeral services has some advantages

  1. Your family doesn’t have to worry about who will be paying for your services, which will allow them more time to come together for family support.
  2. You will not have an increase in price even if you paid for you services 50 years ago; your price is locked in. Many people save a great deal of money by paying in advance.


Note: Pre-Planning services does not mean you need to pay for the services at that time but it is recommended.



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